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A Balinese lives in a complex social web. His first bond is determined by his descent group (wangsa) and caste (kasta); his second, more democratically, by his village, clan, and ‘banjar’. Before Indonesia gained independence a third bond tied the citizen to a liege lord or prince. On Bali today, it is politically correct to observe that only vestiges of the caste system remain, but anyone who lives in a village for a few weeks will learn that caste is still deeply ingrained in the social fabric.

The two of the Balinese culture characteristics are receive all the traditional cases and technology that could be penetrated without change the norm of basiccally of human life, and the uncapability and undesire to reconsider to the future development. However the characteristic of the Balinese people are still no changings, eventhough there are many exploitation, the harshness, and the modern technology.

The other influences of the outside of the Balinese culture to the human life, also influence the way of thingking and the behaviour of the Balinese people. The Balinese people still want to bound to the nucleous family with his wive and children. The happines of his family are the best of his goal and the next are the successful of his carreer. For reaching the goals, they still based on the tradition that a man is the head of the household, religion and the nationalities to be followed the husband, for avoid the conflict with the custom and religion matters.

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