Buyan Resort in Lake Buyan, Singaraja (May 12, 2012)

Category: Bali updated news

The national Forestry Minister – Zulkifli Hasan has recently given permit to a National Investor, PT Nusa Bali Abadi to build a luxury resort within a protected forest area at Lake Buyan, Singaraja. The new resort has the land area of 100 hectare and will feature hotels, villas and other tourism facilities under a 55-year concession agreement.

This move has raised strong criticisms from Bali governor – Mangku Made Pastika, other local legislators, Walhi group (environmental pressure group), and many Balinese Hindu people. Lake Buyan is a sacred site for the Balinese Hindu and moreover the plan will decrease the forest land area. Especially, the forest is one f the protected forest in Bali.

But according to the minister that the government will need assistance of the third party to help managing the forest. The income from the resort will be used the environment preserving purpose, to develop tourism facilities, which will in turn benefit the local people.

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