5 Years Remission for Corby

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Recently, President Yudhoyono has decided to give a 5 years remission in sentence to Australian Schapelle Leigh Corby.

This decision has raised some controversies but according to the Minister of State Secretariat, Sudi Silahi, the decision has been made based on several considerations undertaken by the Supreme Court. He added that the remission given by the president has met all the requirements under Indonesian law. Other consideration for this is because some Indonesian areĀ  also currently in prison in Australia.

The 5 years remission is reducing the sentence from 20 years to 15 years, but the additional penalty of a fine at Rp. 100 Million remains in place.

Corby was arrested at Bali International Airport on 2004 with marijuana in her luggage and on 2005, she was sentenced to 20 years in jail. She has experienced quite long journey for the final decision of the length of years she must serve.

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