About Bali

Bali is the land of a thousand gods, temples and arts. Some other views are the island as the last frontier area that waiting to be discovered from its beauty. Once goes to Bali for an experience, a journey of a lifetime, learning traditional customs and faith, their hopes and their eternal search for peace.

A tourist heaven with splendid beaches, friendly people, a warm climate, cool mountain air, a slow pace. You can hike up trails, watch the birds, visit temples, and buy natural & unique souvenir, etc. You can fill your own treasure trove with memories, enlightenment recollections when you stood and faced the mountains and gazed at the natural beauty of the surrounding countryside.

Besides known as tourism area, it’s also agronomy area, nowadays called ‘agro-tourism’. As networking system that Bali is surrounded by river, water as the main needs of life. Whether rice is the staple food, derived from paddy which needed a plenty of water. Balinese need to devise an ingenious system of aqueducts that can be considered a miracle of engineering. Bali perhaps the last place on this earth that still conjures images of beauty mystique, peace, good will and a way of life that is unique in this modern age. The environment possibly to be the hospitality that envelops you. Moreover the amazing hues of color, sound and natural beauty.

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